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Among the wide variety of products that Envir International offers, organic coconut oil occupies a distinct place. This is a very popular product from us that is always at the top of craze in the wholesale market across the globe. Our coconut oil is totally an in-house production. Local residents are passionate and extremely co-operative about the processing of coconut. This is because the dealing in local coconut allows them an option for getting shelter for themselves and education for their children. The plantations from where we get our coconut oil are totally in conformation with the strict European directives of hygiene and farming. Hence, the organic coconut oil that we manufacture and supply in bulk as well as private label service is of the highest quality suiting the international standards. We have in store for you excellent features associated with our organic coconut oil that are as follows:-


Of course, this is the major reason for the ever increasing demand of our organic coconut oil. We add no chemicals and preservatives to the extracted oil to give any artificial flavor or color to it. It’s pure and natural, produced by means of 100% naturally grown coconut by the locals.

Certified quality

Certified by the strict European directives of hygiene and farming, our organic coconut oil is of the highest quality that makes it a high craze in the wholesale market in many places around the globe. Whenever it comes to getting fully certified and natural organic coconut oil, the international wholesale market is buzzed by no other name than Envir International.

Excellent packaging

As we deal in bulk supply and wholesale, we take extra care of packaging. We provide our organic coconut oil in strong and reliable packaging so that it reaches the destination without any loss or leakage.

Great flavor and taste

Well, when it comes to coconut oil, what can have more taste and smell than the natural and original quality? Yes, our 100% organic nature of the coconut oil is so pure and strong in flavor that even a small quantity can make a huge difference.

Unimaginable price

What makes our organic coconut oil extremely attractive in the wholesale market as well as private label services is our highly reasonable price. We provide organic coconut oil at a price that is hardly available in the whole world. Quality in a fair price is our basic principle and we have kept this to a great deal for our organic coconut oil.

Fully natural

Our coconut palm sugar is made by a fully natural process in two steps. First, a cut is made on the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is collected into containers. Then, the sap is collected under heat until most of the water has evaporated. Our special team of experts always remain at the time of these processes to supervise and ensure that the final product is totally chemical free and natural.

Highly affordable price

Of course, we are aware that coconut palm sugar is available at a low price but no other brand can offer such prices in the international market as Envir. The quality coupled with the greatly affordable price make our product high in demand in the wholesale market.

Low GI

It is notable that though many brands may claim that the Glycaemic Index (GI) of their cocoanut palm sugar is low, actually it’s not. But, with proven quality and certification, we guarantee very low GI which is the indication of freedom from rise in blood sugar levels.

Highly nutritious

Our coconut palm sugar consists of ample amount of minerals, iron, zinc, calcium and potassium that make it a highly nutritious superfood. Besides, it also contains some fatty acids, polyphenols, anti-oxidants and GI lowering fibre called insulin.


This is a major reason why so many brands want us to do the private label service of coconut palm sugar for them. Our internationally proven fructose-free cocoanut palm sugar has gone a great way in making us one of the leading wholesalers and bulk providers of cocoanut palm sugar in various countries of the world.


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